Benny the carriage horse

A beautiful, unspoilt mountain landscape with a vibrant economy and plenty of tourists. And right in the middle of it all is Benny the carriage horse. He’s got Polish roots, but he now powers Alpin Cargo’s package delivery service and old-school taxi in beautiful Valais. And that’s not all: Benny also embodies creativity, humour and dedication to high-quality logistics in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The first time

Name: Benny. Job: carriage horse. The new shining star of Zermatt takes to the streets with around 800 kg and a single HP – and since the start of August 2020, he’s been carrying two-legged guests too.

Series 1, episode 1

The carriage

Built in Poland, refined in Rümlang, put to work in Valais. Benny’s fine carriage in the Victoria style made its maiden trip in Zermatt. With a crack of the whip, it’s time to go!

Series 1, episode 2

The licence

Anyone who wants to get things moving needs a licence. Benny is officially on the streets as a taxi driver. Despite the driving ban in Zermatt. And despite coronavirus.

Series 1, episode 3

The parcel service

Who would have thought it – Benny leads a double life! On weekdays he doesn’t transport people, but other precious cargo. Which needs both brains and brawn too.

Series 1, episode 4

The worker

Where would Benny be without his driver? Tereza has turned her passion into her job. Benny is her most reliable colleague – and her best pupil.

Series 1, episode 5

The wellness day

Hard workers deserve a wellness day now and again. Benny enjoys a shower on his day off – with a beautiful view of the Matterhorn.

Series 1, episode 6

The toy

Benny toy from Trauffer. Here’s how the wooden carriage was created. It’ll soon be available to order from our online shop.

Series 1, episode 7

The village

Although Benny isn’t a born-and-bred Zermatter, he might be the town’s biggest fan.

Series 1, episode 8

The christmas greetings

Benny brings plenty of festive cheer to Zermatt by delivering Christmas presents and wishing everyone happy holidays.

Series 1, episode 9


If you want to take a peek behind the scenes of filming Benny, this episode is not to be missed.

Series 1, episode 10