Benny's great love

She’s stylish, cheeky and strong. She has the world’s longest ears. And she’s a mule. Her name is Lina and Benny is head over heels before they’ve even had a first date. Benny learns a lot about the mule trade routes in Valais, about the neighing of mules, about sheep, livestock guard dogs and himself. Season 2 is a romantic, funny and a slightly melancholy love story with a happy ending.

The beautiful stranger

A new season, new things to be happy about. Benny encounters a stunning stranger in the Bahnhofstrasse in Zermatt, and just can’t seem to get her out of his head.

Series 2, episode 1


Benny learns more about his crush and her calling. Her name is Lina, a journeying mule from Turin who’s making a stop in Valais.

Series 2, episode 2

Benny meets Lina

Lina finally visits Benny at his farmstead. The two enjoy some romantic time together and Lina immediately captures Benny’s heart.

Series 2, episode 3

The bray

Benny discovers what mules do and learns to recognise their unique bray. It’s music to his ears.

Series 2, episode 4

The horseshoe

Lina is in the village with her boss. Benny takes advantage of the opportunity to smarten himself up. His shiny new horseshoes are bound to make Lina prick up her ears.

Series 2, episode 5

The confession

Benny hasn’t got all dressed up just for fun: he has something very important to confess to Lina today. Tereza has her fingers crossed for him!

Series 2, Episode 6

The flock

Benny and Lina meet a flock of Valais Blacknose sheep in a meadow. Lina has met these woolly creatures before on the pack trail over the Alps.

Series 2, Episode 7

The farewell

Mules have busy lives, and it’s time for Lina to go back out into the big wide world to work. Is this farewell for the pair?

Series 2, Episode 8

The museum

Benny gets a postcard from Lina telling him all about her journey to Törbel, a quaint village that even has a mule museum!

Series 2, Episode 9

The making of series 2

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the studio where voice actors Stefanie Heinzmann and Mike Imseng recorded the dialogue.

Series 2, Episode 10